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About InUnity!

The group InUnity, formerly known as Zion’s Joy!, is a multicultural, multi-denominational, and multi-generational Christian singing ministry. InUnity is on the frontlines of the movement to bring unity to our fractured communities, churches, nation, and our world. 


Our Mission

We Believe...

Where hearts build walls, GRACE BUILDS BRIDGES

Where judgement divides, COMPASSION MENDS

Where hatred tears apart, MERCY BRINGS TOGETHER

Where darkness rises, LOVE RISES HIGHER STILL


In these days of cultural, racial, and social divide, most have drawn lines and taken sides. It's the vision of InUnity to shine a light on our common ground and the power of our collective praise. InUnity echoes the multi-cultural mosaic of praise found in Revelation 7:9.


It’s our mission to bring the vision of God's Unity to life and celebrate the power of praise when every nation, tribe, people, generation and language come together. Through song, worship, and testimony, InUnity will carry God's message of healing and hope to fractured communities and churches everywhere.

Our Founding Story

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InUnity (formally known as Zion's Joy!) was founded by Robert W. Stevenson, who started his music career early, writing songs and singing with a group called ‘Paramour’. One day Marvin Gaye came to one of their concerts and liked them so much he asked the group to become his backup singers. While Robert was singing backup for Marvin Gaye he was still writing, amassing a catalog of over a hundred songs. Having grown up in the church, he always had a love for gospel music. After leaving Marvin Gaye, Robert dedicated his life to the Lord and started writing songs of inspiration, worship, and praise. He was later given the vision of a multi-cultural and multi-denominational Christian singing group. Thus, ‘Zion’s Joy’ was born, and was later named InUnity. 


InUnity celebrates the life and legacy of Robert by continuing to finish his last recording project with the singing group. Support InUnity in completing this project by donating today!  

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