Holding Hands

There is so much division in our world and in our lives today. It seems like people are going out of their way to be unkind. Well, what if we turned it around? What if we went out of our way to be kind? At home, at work, on the road and especially in the grocery store.

Image by Randalyn Hill
Are YOU up for the
Kindness CHALLENGE Contest?

Here’s how it works:


1. Post acts of kindness...

  • you have seen done for others

  • you have had done for you

  • you have done for others


2. Start a chain reaction of kindness...

  • at work, yes, even if you are working
    on Zoom!


3. Pay It Forward...

  • someone does for you, you do for someone else and so on...

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
  • Remember, Keep it honest.
    This only works when it’s real.

4. Post on social media platforms 
     tagging our handles:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Postings will be judged by the amount of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ it receives.

So tell your physical and virtual family and friends to support you in your Challenge. Maybe encourage them to Challenge you by joining the contest.


The more kindness we have in this world,
the better this world will be.

Image by Dayne Topkin

1st Place Prize

‘Challenge’ sweatshirt

$150 gift card


2nd Place Prize

‘Challenge’ sweatshirt

$50 gift card

  1. Must be following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to enter the contest

  2. Post as often or as little as you like

  3. One or more of listed #s must be included in your postings:

  4. Only posts tagging our social media handles count

  5. No more than 100 words to each post

  6. Videos accepted (kindness acts must be real)


Since RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) week is February 14 - 21,


The countdown ends at 
Sunday, February 21st at 11:59pm.


 The winners will be announced on Monday evening at 6:30pm on our website www.inunitylive.com (subscribe while you’re there) as well as on all of our social media platforms.

Let’s create a wave of kindness and see what happens!